Brooklyn Guy Uses Drone to Hit on a Woman During Quarantine

This is how you shoot your shot during COVID-19.

A Brooklyn guy spotted a girl dancing on her rooftop and decided to use technology to get her attention, while still practicing social distancing.

In a 31-second TikTok video that has 4.4 million views on Twitter as of Monday afternoon, he captures the entire meet-cute moment. He also notes, “I can’t believe this actually worked, and yes this is a true story.”


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a global pandemic? don’t know her

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They could hear each other, so he told her to stay put because he was going to send her something. He wrote his number on a piece of paper, taped it to his drone and flew it to the “cute” brunette.

It worked!  She texted him and commented on Instagram that “Part 2 is underway!!” when one of her followers asked her if she was pursuing the viral romance.