Selena Gomez Said She Wrote ‘Lose You to Love Me’ About Hitting ‘Rock-Bottom’

In a cover story for Interview Magazine, Selena Gomez opened up about how her very public breakup with Justin Bieber, being diagnosed with Lupus and undergoing a kidney transplant influenced her new album Rare.

“I wanted to make sure, especially on this album, that each song meant something to me, that it represented a story that actually happened to me or one that I’m still walking through.”

She also talked about what it felt like to return to the studio after a several-year hiatus and what her lead single ‘Lose You To Love Me’ meant to her:

“I wrote it at the beginning of last year, and had just gotten out of treatment. It was a moment when I came back and I was like, ‘I’m ready to go into the studio with people I trust and start working on songs.’ There was an air around it where people were very happy, because it was like I was going to finally be me. But I didn’t necessarily see it that way at the time. When I wrote the song, I was basically saying that I needed to hit rock-bottom to understand that there was this huge veil over my face.”