Dua Lipa’s Looking for Musicians!

By now, you’ve probably heard “Break My Heart” by Dua Lipa. It’s the third single off her Future Nostalgia album, and a certified bop, too.

Now Dua’s getting ready to release a music video for the song, but she needs some help! She posted on Instagram, calling for musicians of all kinds to submit their videos and be featured in the vid:

As an amateur musician myself, I took up the challenge! After learning the song on guitar, I re-recorded the entire instrumental, adding new drums, bass, and even a cool synthesizer before putting the guitar track down again. Once that was complete, I placed Dua Lipa’s amazing vocals back in, and voilà! A new re-instrumentation of Break My Heart:

Naturally, the last step was to submit my entry.

Now it’s a waiting game. Will Dua and her team see my submission? Will they like it? Will I get disqualified because I work for a radio station? Or will I finally have my five seconds of fame, briefly playing the jazzy and funky lead guitar in Dua’s upcoming Break My Heart video? We’ll find out…