Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Are Ending Their “Feud” for 24 Hours (for Coronavirus)

RYAN REYNOLDS and HUGH JACKMAN are ending their longstanding (fake) social media feud to join the All-In Challenge.

They’ve actually agreed to show up together, in person, at someone’s house to help them set up a lemonade stand.  You can buy entries to the contest at Fanatics.com.

The pair explained the history of their storied feud. “People think it started with us, but it didn’t,” the Wolverine star began, followed by Ryan, who continued, “The Jackmans and Reynolds have been mortal enemies since there have been Jackmans and Reynoldses-es.” Picking up where he left off, Hugh continued, “For generations, it’s been a point of family honor to oppose each other,” adding that his Laughing Man Coffee Company and the Deadpool star’s Aviation Gin company caused a rift between the stars.

They continued: “We’ll stop our feud for one day and help sell a different type of drink: Lemonade. At your child’s lemonade stand. That’s right, all to help fight food insecurity because no one deserves to go hungry.”