Songs for Zayn and Gigi’s Baby!

Studies have shown that unborn babies can hear and remember music being played in the world around them, and for years, parents have experimented with playing tunes for their soon-to-arrive children. Whether or not certain kinds of music makes a baby smarter is still up for debate though.

So even if playing Beethoven might not make Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s recently-announced baby into a modern Einstein, I’ll bet they’ve thought about what kinds of music to play around the house anyway.

To make things easier for them, I’ve created a list of a few songs that with help their baby start off right.

1. One Direction – “Night Changes” The first song Baby Zigi hears should include her daddy’s voice! Obviously. This song starts off with some raw, clean, and beautiful Zayn vocals. A great welcome into the world of music!

2. Electric Light Orchestra – “Mr. Blue Sky” This song is a classic from 1977, and that should be reason enough. But in case you’re not convinced, it also contains great lyrics for a newborn child: “Hey you with the pretty face / welcome to the human race!”

3. Louis Armstrong – “What a Wonderful World” Another classic from back in the day! Zayn and Gigi are probably nervous about having a baby during these troubling times, but it’s important for them (and the kid!) to remember that there’s so much good in this world, as well.

4. Lizzo’s entire NPR Tiny Desk concert Since it appears that Zayn and Gigi’s baby will be a little girl, it’s going to be important to teach her self-love from an early age. Why not start before she’s even born? Nobody does self-love the way that Lizzo does it, so I recommend learning from the best and playing this performance on loop for the next 9 months.

5. Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa – “One Kiss” This song is confident and groovy, but not too over-the-top in its late-night clubbing themes. Perfect to implant a sense of confidence in anyone, let alone the Zayn and Gigi baby!

6. Taylor Swift, ZAYN – “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” Rounding out our pre-childbirth playlist, this might seem like an odd choice, but hear me out. Imagine if YOUR dad worked with Taylor Swift? Instant cool points. So when Zayn’s baby grows up and starts to resent her parents (it happens to everyone), knowing that her dad can call Taylor Swift, and she’ll answer, will probably make him a million times cooler. Every little bit helps when you’re parenting.

So, what do you think about these unborn baby playlist selections? If Zayn and Gigi play some good music for their kid, I’m pretty sure they’ll turn out great! Sound off on socials if you want to add a song to the list: @WatersOnAir on Twitter and Facebook.