Halsey Reveals She’s Studying for the Bar Exam!

We know Halsey as a singer, a music video maven, and even a cosplayer. But coming soon, she might add another title to her resume: attorney-at-law!

The New Jersey native, born Ashley Frangipane, posted a few random photos on her Instagram profile as a general life update, but fans were quick to notice that one of the pics included a book on Constitutional Law. Not exactly the reading material of most pop stars.

Check out the whole collection of photos, some of which reveal a little more than just her interest in criminal justice, if you know what I mean:

One fan asked in the comments asked why she was reading up on the Constitution, and she replied, saying, “I’m studying for the bar exam!” So that settles it.

Studying for the bar puts her in good celebrity company though! Kim Kardashian has similar plans for the summer, but it still remains to be seen if Halsey will pass the test. Last summer, only 50.1% of those who took the Bar Exam in California did so successfully.

But we’re wishing her luck! Maybe someday, Halsey will be splitting time between concerts and courthouses.