Forbes Reveals the Highest-Paid Musicians of 2020!

Every year, Forbes releases their Celebrity 100 – a list of celebs, ranked by their income. This year’s highest-paid famous person was, unsurprisingly, a Jenner. Kylie, according to the stats, is making $590 million a year!

But what about the music-makers on the list? We dove into the rankings and pulled out the actors, celebrity chefs, and influencers, leaving only those who make their money with musical notes and microphones.

The results were interesting. The two highest-paid musicians of 2020 haven’t had a hit song in multiple years; strange, considering most of the Top 15 were contemporary pop musicians. Those endorsement and merch deals must be lucrative!

Other findings show just how much money people like Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran made from touring. With so many concerts being canceled due to COVID-19 though, that might be bad news next year for the two of them.

With that analysis in mind, let’s have a look at the Top 15:

  1. Kanye West – $170m

  2. Elton John – $81m

  3. Ariana Grande – $72m

  4. Jonas Brothers – $68.5m

  5. The Chainsmokers – $68m

  6. Ed Sheeran – $64m

  7. Taylor Swift – $63.5m

  8. Post Malone – $60m

  9. Rolling Stones – $59m

  10. Marshmello – $56m

  11. Shawn Mendes – $54.5m

  12. Jay Z – $53.5m

  13. Billie Eilish – $53m

  14. BTS – $50m

  15. Drake – $49m

Are you surprised by anyone on this list? Anyone not on the list?