The Internet is Convinced Taylor Swift and Cardi B Are Collaborating

The Internet may have been a huge mistake, but you know what they say about broken clocks and being right twice a day. Swifties and the BardiGang are hoping this is the case, because lately, rumors have been swirling about a new Taylor Swift + Cardi B collaboration!

Nothing has been confirmed, but the fans are convinced. Here’s some proof:

The first image in that tweet is from an alleged “insider,” leaking info on a public forum, saying that they “expect Taylor to make her big reveal soon.” Since their clue seems to point to the dictionary definition of a cardigan, with its obvious tie-in to Cardi B’s name, that helps deepen the mystery.

The final two pictures are of Cardi hinting at a new, exciting song, and of her following Taylor on Instagram. All very promising pieces of evidence!

Surely there isn’t another reason why the “insider” would point people in that direction… unless the new Taylor song is CALLED “Cardigan?” The possibilities are endless.

But if it is indeed a song that features Cardi, or a Cardi song that features Taylor, the people are ready.

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