The Latest on All Things Niall Horan!

Niall Horan is Ireland’s golden boy, at least if you ask any One Direction fan. The Irish-born songwriter has been enjoying his quarantine, releasing a new album called “Heartbreak Weather,” going on IG Lives to entertain his followers, and just recently, dropping a verse into the Ashe song “Moral of the Story.”

But that’s not all that Niall’s been up to! On June 19th, the Irish Post reported that their hometown boy had donated €100,000 to various nursing homes around the country. According to the press coverage, his money will be used to buy tablets that can allow residents in the homes to speak with their families, without fear of spreading COVID-19 in the facility.

While this was going on, rumors swirled that Niall was showing a different kind of love as well. A fan noticed that he and the actress Jodie Comer appeared to be wearing similar rings, and Niall took notice.

So it doesn’t appear that Niall has found true love this week. Unfortunately, he hasn’t found a reunion with his former bandmates, either. A new report from the UK’s tabloid Express shows that the boys have “barely spoken about” any kind of reunion.

Amidst the 10th anniversary of the band’s X-Factor audition, some fans were probably hoping for better news, but alas, it’s not to be… for now.

At least we still get solo Niall to enjoy! Check out the vocal efforts he provided for Ashe’s new “Moral of the Story” remix, and if you love it, let us know! Sound off on twitter: @HOThot1005.