My New Favorite Twitter Account Helps You Avoid Clickbait!

Made you click, didn’t I? There are a lot of articles out there in the Twitterverse (and across all social medias, really) that beg you for clicks with their misleading or cliffhanger headlines.

Take some examples. Here’s an article about a new Sony trademark that doesn’t actually tell you what the trademark is until you’ve gone to the site. Here’s one about how the National Football League is changing to meet the challenges posed by COVID-19, but you won’t read about a single change until you’re two paragraphs in. And here’s one more clickbait headline about a cartoon animator who needs help animating cartoons, but without any info about what exactly helps him.

Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, one man on Twitter has devoted an entire account to exposing the bait in clickbait articles, and his name is Jake Beckman. His profile, @SavedYouAClick, posts the gist of an article in its comments section, meaning that you can get the meat of the story without having to sift through it yourself. Check out the work he did on the three articles I mentioned earlier:

Great idea, right? Clearly an example of how not all heroes wear capes. There are a few copycat accounts out there that do the same thing and could be worth a follow as well, but Jake’s is the original, so he gets the showcase here. He’s got 270,000 followers, all sick of the click-farming that happens across the internet these days.

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