Alessia Cara Donating All Proceeds From New Live LP For The Next 21 Years

Alessia Cara says she will be releasing a live EP on July 17th.

This Summer: Live Off the Floor features live performances of the six songs on Alessia’s EP This Summer, which she released last September, as well as live performances of her signature hits “Here” and “Scars to Your Beautiful.”

Cara is donating her share of net royalties from the project to Save the Children. “I put out an EP last September and shortly after recorded a live off the floor version, which was set to come out this summer. Then the world flipped upside down,” Alessia says in a lengthy statement. “So I decided to donate all my proceeds from this EP for the next 21 years to ‘Save the Children,’ a global organization that saves and improves the lives of children who have been denied their rights by ensuring they have shelter, food, protection, healthcare, and education…this includes…anyone who needs help across 117 countries,” she continues.