Check Out These Epic Ava Max-Themed Playing Cards

You’ve heard her on the song “Sweet But Psycho,” but on her new material, Ava Max is getting the royal treatment! She recently dropped a song called “Kings & Queens,” complete with a music video… and playing cards?

It’s not a typical piece of merch, nor is it available to the general public, but a pack of Ava Max-themed cards is a real thing that exists.

How do we know? We got a deck in the mail!


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Not every day we get free cards in the mail from @avamax! Thanks, girl! 👑♠️

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Turning the Queen card into a drawing of Ava was a nice touch, and adding her signature hairstyle on the back of each card was pretty cool too. If the cards have got you wondering what the song sounds like, check out the official video here: