Charlie Puth Wants ‘Stan Twitter’ to Cut It Out

If you’re not familiar with “stan culture,” that’s okay. It’s pretty toxic, and I’m going to enlighten you at your own risk. According to NPR, the term comes from a classic Eminem song from 2000 called “Stan,” about a fan who goes crazy after his favorite artist won’t notice him.

Stan culture is pretty much like that, but it’s online. Stans, as they’re called, are typically obsessed with their favorite artists, singers, boybands, or any other type of creator, and go online to express that love – typically by dragging down fans of other artists.

Charlie Puth has had enough of it. The “Attention” singer turned heads by addressing allegations that he had “used BTS for clout,” through tagging and interacting with the Korean boyband in order to win over their immense fan army and gain followers.

This is where stan culture falls short. By accusing Charlie Puth of “using” a band for clicks and likes, instead of just genuinely enjoying the music, it defeats the purpose of loving BTS and celebrating the fact that Charlie does, too!

But BTS isn’t the only group with overly-enthusiastic stans. Just look at any post by the stan twitter mecca @PopCrave, and you’ll see Ariana Grande stans, Lady Gaga stans, Taylor Swift stans, and more, all attacking each other.

But Charlie’s message isn’t one about a certain fanclub being better than another. It’s a message of unity.

So, here’s the message to stan twitter: stop hating on each other. Do it for Charlie Puth.