Lil Nas X Fires Back at the Twitter Trolls!

Cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty… lightning on the keyboard? Lil Nas X has been firing off on Twitter lately, taking on trolls, haters, and jokesters with no holds barred. And we love to see it.

The recent parade of memes, comebacks, and mic-drops started with a quick joke about how he’s on the 2021 Grammys voting panel:

Next thing you know, Nas was shutting down some gay-bashing. In case you weren’t aware, the rapper came out as a gay man at the end of Pride Month 2019.

But he wasn’t too serious about taking on the casual anti-gayness in his comments:

When the haters tried to attack his music, the “Old Town Road” superstar cut that off with a quickness:

Know your worth, King!

It’s a good thing that Lil Nas X has a sense of humor in dealing with his haters. But in a time when some pop stars have had enough, we should probably be nicer to him, not to mention our other favorite singers and rappers! Let’s do better.