Post Malone Got Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Tattoos After Losing Beer Pong Bet [PIC]

Post Malone has new tattoos of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce after losing a beer pong bet.

Mahomes told GQ before a Posty show in February he and Kelce were invited backstage to play beer bong.

After Mahomes and Kelce had 14 or 15 wins in a row Posty made a deal, if he couldn’t win, he’d get the Chiefs stars’ autographs inked on his body.

When Post got the “L,” he agreed to get the ink done after the show!

Mahomes says he tried to talk Post out of the tats … saying, “Dude, you do not actually have to get a tattoo of our autographs” but Post followed through on the deal.

TMZ has pics of the tattoos here.