Is Kanye Running for President Or Not?

When Kim Kardashian’s husband announced his candidacy for President of the United States, nobody knew what to think. Was it a prank? Was it album promo? Or is Kanye West really trying to become the 46th president?

All we know for sure is that it’s complicated. On July 15th, The Independent ran a story claiming that the “Gold Digger” rapper had already dropped out. A voting consultant named Steve Kramer, who was reportedly hired by Ye to get out the vote and get him on the ballot, had the bad news: “He’s out… I’ll let you know what I know once I get all our stuff canceled.”

But that might not be the case. A day later, The Hill reported that West is now on the ballot in his first state: Oklahoma. The paperwork has been filed and fees have been paid, so voters in the Sooner State will be able to cast a ballot for Yeezy in November. Ye has already missed the filing deadline for several states, though, so the only votes he will receive there would be write-ins.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Kanye’s “Birthday Party” is a real thing, with “Kanye 2020” as his principal campaign committee.

Will you be voting for Kanye? If so, you might not be alone, because according to a new poll, he’s already trending at 2% support among eligible voters.