Harry Styles Has a Mustache… and It’s Everything??

Harry Styles can do no wrong. The “Adore You” vocalist has shattered expectations many times over, and fans love him all the same. Now, he’s making bold strides with his personal appearance, and it seems like the new look is a hit!

In case you don’t rabidly follow Harry’s every move, he recently debuted a mustache that’s got these streets talking.

Safe to say, fans are into it.

The positive reaction might come as a surprise, considering Styles is 100%, absolutely, without-a-doubt, rocking the legendary “porn ‘stache” look, popularized by decades-old adult films where the male characters had a similar fuzz on their faces. Defined by Dictionary.com as facial hair that makes the wearer look “sleazy, predatory, or cheaply groomed,” it’s generally not a good look.

A few fans recognized that:

But for the most part, the mustache made a good debut. Whether or not Harry keeps it, remains to be seen. But at least we can enjoy seeing the ‘stache pics for now!