‘High Hopes’ Still Racking Up High Streaming Numbers, Two Years Later!

We knew Panic! At The Disco was a big deal, but maybe you weren’t aware just how big they are. Let’s fix that, with the power of record-breaking new streaming numbers!

When Panic’s most successful single, “High Hopes,” came out in May 2018, it was a bold new sound for a band more commonly associated with the emo-alternative bop “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.” But people clearly embraced the new sound, because according to the Nielsen data, it’s still one of the Top 5 most-listened-to songs of 2020. That’s over a full two years after its release!

Per AtlPress, “High Hopes” clocks in at #4 on that list, and still receives hundreds of thousands of spins on radio, on rock stations, alternative/indie stations, and of course, pop stations like us! If you can’t get enough of Brendon Urie’s vocals on the future-facing anthem, you’re most certainly not alone!

If you really want to crunch the numbers, check out Nielsen’s full music-listening report here. Or just turn up the volume and add to the almost half a billion views on the “High Hopes” music video!