Family’s ‘Nacho Table’ Has the Internet Divided [VIDEO]

A family’s  ‘nacho table’ has gone viral and the internet is divided on whether this is ingenious or unsanitary.

TikTok user @stefherder sets up the table by covering it entirely in aluminum foil. Then come the fixings. Nacho chips are sprinkled about the table, covering the foil. Cheese can be shown cooking in a pot, sour cream being dolloped heftily on the nachos and so much more.  When it’s all done, the family all digs in.

Some TikTok’rs were “mad” that their parents never did this and others commented saying it was a waste of food.

According to Stefanie, each person claims their own “spot,” and that is where they enjoy the tasty goodness of the table. adding any topping that they like to their section. The best part, though? Cleanup! She says that all they do is roll up the foil and boom! The cleanup is finished.

@stefherderwe always make a nacho table during family vacation 🧀🌮 ##DontLeaveMe ##MakeSomeoneSmile ##nachotable ##foryou ##puremichigan ##vacation ##family♬ CEO of speaking French – c.est.bon.bon


Would you make this?


Would you make this?

Ew No.
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