Check Out This Time-Synced Minecraft Video for Zedd, Jasmine Thompson’s ‘Funny’

You can do anything in Minecraft. The popular, block-based game has seen people build entire countries, design computers, and now, even create a time-synced music video for the new Zedd and Jasmine Thompson song!

The tune is called “Funny,” and it already has a pretty clever music video, but that didn’t stop the YouTuber DoodleChaos from designing a world based off the song.

In this video, featuring a Minecraft map that’s available for download if you want to try it for yourself, DoodleChaos races down a rail track, tapping blocks and spinning in circles, timed perfectly with the music. It’s pretty incredible to watch, especially when you consider the time it took to build the environment and to practice the routine!

Watch it for yourself here:

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