Billie Eilish’s Puppy Pooped All Over Her $8000 Shoe Collection {VIDEO}

Oh no!  Billie Eilish came home to a tragic scene this week…her puppy pooped all over a bunch of rare and expensive sneakers!

She shared the devastation on her Instagram stories saying, “So I get home, and I walk into my room, and I smell sh*t. So I’m like, ‘Damn, did I step on sh*t in the yard, and I came inside with it? Let me check my shoes,’ whatever. Check, nothing there, I’m good. I’m like, ‘OK, I must be imagining.’ So I go to put my shoes away, and, um…“This is what I f*cking find.”

After sharing the devasting video she shared a photo of the culprit looking sweet and innocent saying, “oh you innocent now?”

He is pretty cute.


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Buzzfeed analyzed the shoes in the video and reported they are a pair of Air Jordan x Dior sneakers, which sell for around $8,000.