Post Malone Shreds on Guitar in Crazy Heavy-Metal Jam Session!

When Post Malone released a pair of Ozzy Osbourne collaborations last year, we thought that was pretty epic. Guitar solos, rap lines, trap beats, and rock-n-roll imagery all came together… but little did we know, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s no secret to his fans that Post Malone loves heavy music. Honestly, some of his tattoos seem better-fitted for extreme metal than chart-topping Billboard hits. But Posty is a man who can have it both ways!

We saw the proof in these new videos where the “Rockstar” rapper teamed up with the metal YouTuber Jared Dines, for an absolutely insane jam session. Check it out if you dare – Posty rocks hard on guitar and even switches to sitting behind the drum kit, blasting away with a lot of energy. Meanwhile, the music is intense, full of screaming, angry guitar chords, and a general sense of, well, heavy metal!


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Jamming with @postmalone and @tylayaweh

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Should Posty and Jared release these tunes? We’re not sure the world is ready…