Carole Baskin Makes Her ‘Dancing’ Debut [VIDEO]

Let’s be real. Carole Baskin isn’t a dancer, she’s the matriarch of Big Cat Rescue – and also an internet super-villain, thanks to her portrayal in the Netflix documentary “Tiger King.” But we know you want to watch Carole strut her stuff on “Dancing With the Stars,” so here you go.

How do you think Carole did? I bet the judges thought twice before telling her that she “slayed it” or “killed it” out there, especially considering how the family of her late husband Don Lewis took aim at her afterwards. In a commercial that aired after Baskin’s big dance, the daughters of Lewis called for justice and resolution in the search for their missing dad. Carole, for her part, as always denied any involvement in his disappearance.

If the big-cat lover wins DWTS, she could stand to win a lot of money – some estimates say over $300,000! But on the flip side, if you provide information that leads to the truth about Don Lewis, you could make $100,000. So the stakes are high! For now, Carole will keep dancing her heart out on TV, and we’ll be watching with a curious eye.