Halsey and Dominic Fike Debut ‘Dominic’s Interlude’ Video {WATCH}

Dominic Fike and Halsey have dropped the video for their collaboration, ‘Dominic’s Interlude”.

Halsey described the song saying, “Every album of mine has what we call a trio: three songs smack in the middle that serve as a transition and are meant to be listened to in succession. On Manic, it’s ‘Forever … (Is A Long Time),’ ‘Dominic’s Interlude,’ and ‘I Hate Everybody.’ On [‘Forever’], I’m falling in love. […] And then I start getting in my own head. […] And now I’m sabotaging this relationship and feeling paranoid, this is going to be bad. And then Dominic tells me [on ‘Dominic’s Interlude’] I’d better go tell my man he’s got bad news coming.”

She continued, “The interludes represent different relationships in my life: Dom represents brotherly love.”