Here Are the Spookiest Places in Virginia!

Halloween isn’t a holiday – it’s a lifestyle. And for those who embrace the ways of Spooktober, they know it’s not just about costumes, candies, and Addams Family movie reruns.

It’s about getting the sh*t scared out of you in your own backyard!

So, what’s the scariest place here in Virginia? Multiple websites have weighed in, but we want to hear YOUR comments too! If you’ve been somewhere absolutely bone-chilling, let us know on Twitter @HOThits1005 or by sliding into our Instagram DMs @hot1005. We wanna go back with you.

Now let’s get to the spooky stuff.

According to Thrillist, the most haunted place in Virginia is Bacon’s Castle in Surry. Built in 1665, visitors say they’ve seen books falling off shelves for no reason, along with whispered voices, and even the occasional sensation of being pushed by an unseen attacker… It’s open to the public if you’re trying to get pushed as well!

Per the paranormal enthusiasts at Colonial Ghosts, the most haunted spot in VA is a little further to the north. By their estimate, it’s the Peyton Randolph House in Williamsburg, named for a famous figure in the American Revolution. It’s been said that the house is cursed, and several unexplained deaths have occurred on the premises. For their part, the Travel Channel agrees, too.

Obviously, a website called must be an authority on ghosts and where to find them. So consider their pick for the spookiest locale in Virginia – the Paxton Manor in Leesburg. Supposedly the permanent un-resting place of some Civil War soldiers and wealthy 19th-century landowners, it operates as a haunted house during October!

What do you think? Virginia is full of history, so it would make sense that some of it may have lived on, hundreds of years later. Do ghosts walk the halls of these old homes? And if so, when do you want to go say hi to them?