These Are the Scariest Halloween Movies, According to Science!

Whether you love spooky movies or you can’t watch them without having nightmares, one thing is for sure: a great piece of sinister cinema can really get your heart pounding! A company called Broadband Choices conducted a study about how famous horror films affect a person’s heart rate, and the result is this list of the most terrifying movies, with data to back it up.

The study took 35 legendary Halloween flicks and measured the heart rate of 50 volunteers while they watched ’em all. After compiling the averages and comparing those to the “spikes” in BPM during those annoyingly spooky jump-scares, they quickly figured out which films have a stronger effect on its viewers.

Interestingly, classics like “The Shining” ranked relatively low, whereas modern films like “The Babadook” and “It Follows” did better. But none of those movies actually made the Top 5. Instead, here’s the best of the best when it comes to scary Halloween flicks:

What do you think about this ranking? Have a look at the whole study here, and sound off in the comments of the Instagram post if you think they missed the mark. What movie gave YOU nightmares for weeks?