The Most-Viewed YouTube Video of All Time Is…

Let’s get right to it. Surpassing Justin Bieber and Daddy Yankee’s viral 2017 collab “Despacito,” the newly-minted most-watched Youtube video of all time is:

That’s right. The most annoying song in the history of ever is now (technically) the most popular on the video sharing platform. With well over 7 billion views and growing every single day, there’s no challenger in sight for “Baby Shark,” except for maybe parents who want to delete their YouTube accounts, lest they hear it again.

We asked the people on Twitter @HOThits1005 (follow us!) what they thought, and the result was pretty much what we expected:

Does anyone out there actually enjoy those infectious grooves about a family of unnamed sharks? Well, according to the 22 million YouTube likes, it appears that the diehard “Baby Shark” fans will be celebrating this record-breaking achievement with… you guessed it… another singalong session.

In an unrelated note, here’s a link to some earplugs you can get delivered via Amazon pretty quickly. Looks like you’ll need them.