A Woman’s Huge Mouth Has Made Her TikTok Famous [VIDEOS]

A Connecticut woman has become a TikTok sensation for her huge mouth, which could potentially be the world’s largest.

“Any video involving my mouth and the faces I can make always went crazy viral,” said Stamford resident Samantha Ramsdell, 30, who now has more than 767,000 followers thanks to her self-described “BFAM” (“big f- -king a - - mouth”).

She shares humorous videos.

@samramsdell5Here’s my real phone voice 🥰 ##ruininganothertrend ##lol♬ Wallows – Are You Bored Yet – vintage

As well as videos showcasing how she puts her mouth’s size to good use…like eating a Subway sandwich in two bites.

@samramsdell5Reply to @hopt690 if I really wanted to I can prob eat the entire thing in 2 bites 😬♬ original sound – samramsdell5

She also has a big voice to go along with her “BFAM.”

@samramsdell5Reply to @brooke_935 not my best work but I’m working on it 😬what else you guys wanna hear?♬ original sound – samramsdell5