British Chef Nigella Lawson Baffles Internet with Odd Pronunciation of Microwave {WATCH}

The internet can’t get enough of the way Nigella Lawson pronounces ‘microwave.’

During an episode of her show, Cook, Eat, Repeat, the celeb chef cooked black-pudding meatballs with fatty milk.

At one moment, she revealed that she had heated full-fat milk in the microwave. Only she says it as: “mee-crowe-wahv-ay.”


Well, Nigella responded when one fan asked about it, she replied: “I know. On purpose.”


Image via Nigella Lawson/Instagram


She told another fan, “Well, I do say it like that, but not because that’s how I think it’s actually pronounced. I don’t know. A camp joke that becomes habit.”

Nigella’s rep has even shared a statement on her pronunciation, telling: “In a nutshell, it’s how Nigella refers to the microwave at home.