Dionne Warwick Discovers Billie Eilish, and It’s Hilarious

Dionne Warwick is really the Queen of Twitter right now. The now 80-year old musical legend learned how to tweet a few weeks ago, and the internet hasn’t been the same since. After asking some burning questions to her favorite young singers The Weeknd and Chance The Rapper, she’s settled into the role of slightly-confused but big-hearted pop music commentator.

And SNL had a blast with her new reputation. First, check out this skit they did, featuring excellent impersonations of Harry Styles, Machine Gun Kelly, and, of course, Dionne herself!

In the skit, fake Dionne introduced one of her guests as “William Eyelash” (obviously supposed to Billie Eilish), but real Dionne didn’t quite get the joke at first. She looked up “William” and liked her music a lot!

Speaking of spooky, Warwick hit the nail on the head with this analysis:

But when fans realized that she legitimately thought the “Bad Guy” singer’s name was William Eyelash, they corrected her!

Lesson learned. The cool thing about seeing Dionne interact with her fans is that she’s always willing to learn – whether that means new music or new names! So, who will Dionne take on next? We’ve got our eyes on her Twitter, waiting for the laughs as soon as she logs back on.

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