The Cute Conspiracy Theory Behind Ariana Grande’s Ring

It looks like Ariana Grande found true love, and now she’s got the ring to prove it. But maybe the ring has its own story that goes back a few years in the Grande family.

Fans of the “7 Rings” singer (see what we did there?) noticed something familiar about the rock on her hand, and quickly went back through the vault to find an old tweet:

As you can see in the side by side comparison, it looks like that circular piece of Ari’s ring could be from that same piece of jewelry! Have a closer look by swiping through the series of pics she posted to Instagram:


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So if this fun little conspiracy theory is true, then it looks like Ariana’s nonna was right: the ring protected her and guided her to a new and fulfilling romance! Or maybe it’s just a diamond-setting coincidence. No matter the case, we’re happy for her.