These are the Handsomest Men in Music!

There are a lot of attractive gentlemen in the music business, but who’s the MOST attractive? Every year, a YouTube channel called TC Candler tries to answer that question with their “100 Most Handsome Faces” videos (there’s also a Most Beautiful vid for the ladies).

For 2020, the fella with the best face was none other than the Swedish content creator Pewdiepie, also known as Felix Kjellberg. But what about our favorite musicians? The guys who captivate and entertain on stages, magazines, and music videos?

We went through TC Candler’s video to pick out the guys known for their musical abilities as well as their looks. Here are the handsomest faces of hit music!

(Fair warning, you’ll see a lot of international artists here. If you’re not familiar with some of these names, we’ve linked to their music, so you can discover something new today!)

10. Zayn Malik: Starting off with a man who’s literally daddy, the ex-One Directioner captivates with his looks, even though his selfies are hard to come by. Pretty sure you’d find this picture in the dictionary definition of “fine AF.”

Debby Wong /

9. Wang Yibo: Checking in from China, this overseas star is also a professional motorcycle racer. Let’s hope he always wears a helmet, because we don’t want anything to happen to that face… or his singing voice!


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8. Jimin: Here’s our first member of BTS on the list, but don’t be fooled. He’s an accomplished solo artist as well. Have a good, long look at his shades (and the rest of him!) in this pic:


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7. Taeyong: One of the highest-ranking rappers on TC Candler’s list, this gentleman from South Korea doesn’t opt for the face tattoos and dreadlocks of American hip-hop artists. Instead, as the band leader for a group called NCT, he goes with silvery hair and a little bit of bling:

6. Shawn Mendes: Sorry ladies, he’s a taken man, but this Canadian crooner still managed to make the top 10 with his sense of style, flair, and a little bit of millennial innocence. And with a face like THAT? No wonder you hear him on our playlist all the time…


5. Lay Zhang: Let’s head back to China for this gem, who rose to fame as part of the band EXO. Now on his own, he’s carved out a place on the charts, as well as in the checkbook for over 30 brands. Have a peek at him:


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4. Xiao Zhan: Remember when we covered Wang Yibo at #9? Turns out these two men are friends irl! They star in a popular show together overseas, and lately, Xiao is back on the stage making fans cheer. No wonder why:

3. Jason Derulo: for a guy whose most famous lyric might just be his own name, it looks like the bronze medalist took the world by storm in 2020! TC Candler’s video calls him a guy who “makes love, not war,” and his music definitely backs that up. Here’s a quick pic of the Savage Love-r:

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2. Jungkook: The top 2 were swept by BTS members this year! Using a headline-making skincare routine, this K-pop star also turns heads with his songs. And maybe, just maybe, he’s a fan of country music?


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1. V: Alright, here’s the gold medalist. It could be safe to say that this man has won the heart of the internet – so much so, that he only needs to go by one letter! Otherwise known as Kim Taehyung, he’s won awards for his acting and dancing. And did we mention that he’s TC Candler’s most handsome face in music?


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Wow. If you’re finding it hard to pry your eyes away from all these well-defined jawlines, piercing eyes, and well-groomed haircuts, you’re not alone. But who do YOU think is the handsomest man in music? Let us know on Twitter! We’ll be waiting for you there: @HOThits1005 and @WatersOnAir.