Halsey Announces New Cosmetic Line: ‘About Face’

Looks like Halsey’s been getting creative in the studio – the makeup studio, that is. With the spotlight on, the “Without Me” singer is now ready to show the world her talents in a different creative sphere.

Introducing, About Face. The name comes from three different inspirations: the initials, AF, stand for her birth name (Ashley Frangipane) and also serve a slang for “as fuck.” Plus, to do an about-face means to go in a new or different direction, which, of course, is exactly what she’s doing.

We’ve seen Halsey’s skills with makeup before, especially during Halloween season. But this line is a little less graphic and spooky. Featuring eye, face, and lip products designed by the “Graveyard” gal, she says About Face is “for the generation of e-girls and e-boys.”

Is that you? Only one way to find out. Have a look at her new site here!


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