Dua Lipa Opens Up About “Fighting Inner Demons” and Her Private Relationship With Boyfriend Anwar Hadid

Dua Lipa opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Anwar Hadid in the new issue of British Vogue.

She says the two try to remain private while living in the public eye.

“We have all these incredible memories and experiences, and if there’s something that we want to share together, then ok that’s fun,” she shared. “But at the same time, we’re quite private.”

Dua adds that “We’ll only show you as much as we want you to see. It’s a little bit of give and take, trying to find the right balance of being so excited and being in love, and wanting to share that with the people around me, but at the same time not wanting to put too much out there.”

“I want to be able to just be happy in this relationship without having other people’s opinions.”

Dua also talked about connecting on her new album. “I had to fight inner demons. I wanted to write songs that were more sad, more about heartbreak, because I thought that writing happy songs would turn into cheesy songs. I had to fight that because I was like, ‘I am happy. I deserve to be happy.’ I should be able to write about that without the fear of feeling like I’m compromising my authenticity because I’m not crying about something or someone.”