Why People on TikTok Are Cutting Their Ugg Boots {WATCH}

TikTok users are turning their pricey Ugg boots into slippers.

The trend started in October 2020, when celebs started stepping out in Classic Ultra Minis, the new ankle-length Ugg boot style.

“Have an old pair of uggs you never wear anymore?” says the text on one video with more than 500,000 views. “CUT THEM S–TS. NEW SLIPPERS B—H.”

@.emiaIf you broke like me : cut along the SEAMSSSS #uggs #cheapshit #TimeWarpScan♬ time flies – favsoundds

Before you grab the scissors, remember it’s not a cheap decision: Tall and short boot styles range from $150 to $200. Meanwhile, a new pair of Ugg slippers goes for around $100.

@madiivyyI finally cut em #MotivationMonday #uggs #diy #viral