AJR Breaks Down How They Made ‘Bang!’

It’s always cool to look behind the curtain and get the inside scoop about how our favorite musicians make their songs. Especially because some of the biggest hits come from the strangest places!

So before we begin, a quick musical history lesson. The incredibly famous opening motif to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is said to have represented “fate knocking at the door,” although that may not necessarily be true. Either way, “Bang!” by AJR got a similar start, and yes, I’m comparing the trio of New York-based brothers to the greatest composer of all time.

Watch as one of the three band members, Ryan Metzger, explains how their creative process began with a simple knock at the door… and later came to include trumpets, subway announcers, and a catchy little piano riff.

Truly the stuff of legends. As you can see, that knock-knock-knock has changed the game for AJR. “Bang!” just reached the Top 10 on the Billboard chart, and all of the sudden, these fellas are a household name!


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So the next time you get a package delivered or something, pay attention to the sounds coming from the door. There’s hit music all around us!