Katy Perry Teams Up with Pokémon for 25th Anniversary Celebration

In 2019, Katy Perry took a trip to The Pokémon Café in Japan, and had a pretty good time. “It was amazing. It brought up all these wonderful childhood memories,” she told PEOPLE Magazine about it. Two years later, Katy is crossing paths with the adorable creature-collecting game again – only this time, it’s a business move!

To celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary, they’re teaming up with big names in music (most notably Katy), and releasing new songs to mark the occasion. Of course, there will also be limited-edition swag and a deep dive into Pokémon lore over the course of the year, but there’s one part of this celebration that’s really turning heads.

Behold, Katy Perry the Pokémon trainer!

Rumor has it that she’ll be contributing a song called “Electric” to the Poké-playlist, and maybe there will even be a music video!

Are you excited to see Katy catching ’em all this year? We can’t wait to listen to the Pikachu-themed party track she’s releasing!