Cardi B Reveals How Much Money She Spent Making Each of Her Videos

Last summer, Cardi B revealed that she spent $100,0000 just on COVID-19 testing while making her “WAP” video. It turns out that was just a small portion of the video’s overall cost!

Cardi opened up on Twitter about the cost of all her music videos saying, “Fun fact : Bodak yellow music video cost me 15 thousand dollars. I was in Dubai and I said ….I gotta fly picture (videographer) out here …BOOM BOOM BANG! Ya know the rest.” A fan responded by noting, “girl that’s a lot,” and Cardi replied, “Naaaa honey ….Money cost 400K , Please me Cost 900K , Wap Cost a M !”

When fans asked about other videos Cardi replied with details. “Be Careful” cost “not much …Probably like 200K,” “Bartier Cardi” “was like 150K,” and “Lick” ran her “I think like 15K.”

Cardi also answered more fan questions about the making of her videos.