Fans are Giving Niall Horan Fashion Suggestions, but He’s Not So Sure

The internet is always a better place when Niall Horan is online, interacting with his fans! Lately, it looks like his supporters have a lot of ideas for his wardrobe, and they’ve been making that clear in a series of tweets. Let’s check out a few – along with Niall’s doubtful replies!

Fans were quick to point out that he pretty much already wears that style though:

But at that point, the members of Niall Nation had already gone into a fashion frenzy, suggesting similar looks – and receiving similar replies from their man.

Naturally, that led to memes:

But Niall is set in his style ways, and quickly moved on to answering more musical questions from his stans, leaving the wardrobe question off the table. Will we ever see him sporting these business casual suggestions? Niall Nation can only hope so!