Can We Get Rich by Tweeting? Waters Thinks So

We’ve all seen it: underneath those viral tweets, it’s the same old ads for glowing lights, skin-clearing products, or adorably chunky stuffed seals. People are making money on Twitter, and unfortunately, we’re not those people. Yet…

WatersOnAir found a website that calculates the value of your tweets, and brought in McCoy to talk about it on the show this week! Take a listen:

We’ll show you how to calculate YOUR tweet values in a sec, but first, here’s the screenshots for proof:


If you’re curious what your 240-character thoughts are worth, check out this website and type in your handle!

And if you wanna slide us a few bucks to tweet, you know where to find us… on Twitter, obviously! If you’ve made it this far, drop us a follow @HOThits1005. A $40 value (apparently), but you can follow for free 😉