Olivia Rodrigo Used to Write 1D Fanfics, Now Niall Horan Texts Her?!

Life must be pretty crazy right now for Olivia Rodrigo. The former High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star went from a virtually unknown singer to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, in a matter of days, and now, we all want to find out more about her.

By the looks of it, she has great taste in music, besides her record-breaking, chart-topping song “Drivers License.”

Over the weekend, she told a radio station in the UK that she was “the hugest One Direction fan” as a kid. “I used to write One Direction fan fiction,” she said, “Just cheesy stuff like ‘Oh, Harry proposes to you’ and stuff. I was that die-hard of a fan.”

I mean, same.

Unfortunately, she didn’t say what her Archive of Our Own username was, so we can’t look up her stories just yet. But I’m sure somebody’s already digging for clues in the Harry Styles self-insert search results.

Unlike most 1D fanfic writers though, Olivia now has former band members in her DMs! She revealed that Niall Horan, 1D’s resident Irishman, reached out to her, and we’re incredibly jealous. “He’s been giving me advice about the craziness of the music industry,” she said.

Literally a dream come true.

Of course, it doesn’t seem like Harry will be proposing to her anytime soon, but right now, the 17-year old sensation probably doesn’t mind. She’s still got a (very relatable) heartbreak to get over: