The New TikTok Makeup Trend Is . . . Fake Under-Eye Bags and Dark Circles?! {VIDEO}

For some reason, the newest TikTok makeup trend is . . . giving yourself fake under-eye bags and dark circles around your eyes.

Miami-based makeup and skincare engineer Megha Singh shared a video where she is seen applying a pinkish-purple shade of makeup under her eyes saying, “Can we make dark circles a trend?

Singh’s dark circle eye makeup moment has received more than 119,000 views and over 400 comments.

One person who commented on the trend says she likes it because now that lots of people are doing this to their eyes, she, quote, “can’t be judged” for NATURALLY looking exhausted.


@meghaessVote for this trend. I saw someone on tiktok do this! 😩🤗 #darkcircles #hyperpigmentation #undereyebags♬ Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix) – The Wombats

(ABC News)