DJ Khaled Teams Up With Rapper Fat Joe To Create a Shared OnlyFans

It’s not as disgusting as you think. DJ Khaled, the producer famous for hits like “I’m the One” and “No Brainer,” is joining OnlyFans, and bringing one of his besties along for the ride!

But don’t worry, it doesn’t look like they’ll be stripping down… for now.

Khaled posted a teaser video, encouraging fans to sign up for the new profile before January 25th, when he and the rapper Fat Joe will take each other on in a game of hoops!


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If, for some reason, you actually want to watch these two guys duke it out on the court and you want to pay money for the privilege, here’s the link to their joint account. A subscription costs $20/month.

 In addition to basketball vids, the couple(?) promised more behind-the-scenes content. Khaled said he’s “here only to motivate, inspire, and spread positive vibes.” So, no nudes, then.

That’s good, because OnlyFans, which has previously invited celebrities like Beyoncé to bare it all and get paid on their platform, is mostly used for NSFW content. And nobody… I repeat, nobody… wants to see DJ Khaled’s business dangling in the wind.

As long as he keeps his gym shorts on, this is a clever way for DJ Khaled to bring home the bacon.

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