All Three Sides of the ‘Drivers License’ Story!

Drama alert! By now, we’ve all heard the story of “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo: she sings about heartbreak behind the wheel of her first car, crying now that her boyfriend suddenly isn’t around anymore.

In the song, Olivia mentions how he probably left her for “that blonde girl,” who remains unnamed, but is “everything I’m insecure about.” Fans speculated that the boy in question is Joshua Bassett, her co-star in the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Series: The Musical, who’s her on-screen lover.

Technically, their romance off-screen was never confirmed, but Joshua’s been seen spending a lot of time with Sabrina Capenter lately, who’s older, blonde, and popular – in other words, she fits the description of Olivia’s lyrical “blonde girl.”

Suspicious, right? Combine that with details like how Joshua helped teach Olivia how to drive, or how he’s written songs that some people think are about her, and it all seems pretty obvious.

That’s when Joshua stepped in and released a song called “Lie Lie Lie,” that, funny enough, features a car on its cover artwork…

Total coincidence? Maybe. But now, any and all doubts about the feud have disappeared now that Sabrina also released a song, which is pretty clearly a response to “Drivers License.”

Featuring lines about how they could have been friends, Sabrina says “maybe blonde was the only rhyme” (despite the fact that “blonde” isn’t actually used as a rhyme in Olivia’s smash hit), and that she’s “happy and you hate it.” In other words, she’s claiming Joshua as her own, and that’s that. Take a listen:

So now, everyone involved has told their side of the story. What do YOU think about all this? Is Joshua worth the drama? And did Sabrina take it too far with her lyrics? The internet is having fun with all of this:

Got any hot takes about everything that’s going on? Let us know:

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