AJR Reveals More Details About Upcoming Album ‘OK Orchestra’

Is this the year that AJR finally becomes a household name? The three brothers from New York already made waves in 2020 with their hit single “Bang!” But can they follow it up with a successful full-length album?

Well, they’re definitely hard at work trying to! The band took to Twitter, pausing their audio-editing session to take a few questions from fans about their upcoming record, “OK Orchestra.”

Check out this conversation, which pretty much reads like a fan-led interview:

Then they gave some hints about what to expect in their next tour!

Before they dipped, the guys offered a quick comment about the ongoing “Drivers License” song drama, too!

Overall, clearly both AJR and their fans are excited for “OK Orchestra.” It comes out March 26th, and seems like there will be a lot of jaw-dropping musical moments:

Image credit: agwilson / Shutterstock.com