Post Malone Is Building Marble Beer Pong Tables and an Underground Bunker?! [WATCH]

Post Malone appeared virtually on Late Night with Seth Meyers where he was interrupted by some loud construction noise.  Host Seth Meyers asked if it was nice from a bunker he was rumored to be building.

Posty said possibly, but it could also be from marble beer pong tables that he’s working on creating.

“You know, it might be part of it. We’re doing some fun stuff over here, like marble beer pong tables. The bunker’s coming. Things take a little bit, but we’re figuring everything out. Hopefully I can keep my Grammys in there.”

His bunker will be in his home in Utah where he’s currently residing.

“LA was just a lot, especially working on music. In LA, there’s always something to do, there’s always some place to be, and there’s always people around you. Here, it feels good to be kind of secluded and relaxed and I can just take my time and take it easy and work on being a better artist.”