Sabrina Carpenter Checks in With Elvis Duran, Zach Sang to Talk ‘Skin’

Wondering what’s been on Sabrina Carpenter’s mind lately? Wonder no more!

In the middle of all the controversy surrounding her new song “Skin,” Sabrina hopped on a pair of Zoom calls, and we heard some pretty great conversations.

First, she joined Zach Sang and Dan Zolot to talk about her new viral hit:

Zach’s interviews always go in-depth, and the fans are hoping that when she has more time, Sabrina will come back for a longer convo! The next morning, she was on with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show for a chat about pretty much everything except her song “Skin,” which some of the fans in the comments really appreciated too:

Now that you’ve caught up on her conversations, is there anything YOU would want to ask Sabrina? Tweet it at us: @HOThits1005. If we manage to sit down with her again anytime soon, we’ll make sure to get an answer for you!

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