Couples Are Attempting a TikTok Challenge That ‘Men Can’t Do’

Couples are taking on another TikTok challenge thanks to this viral video.

The challenge speculates that men may have a slightly different center of gravity to women and aims to prove that. Couples get down on all-fours, then balance their weight on their elbows.  Now here’s the hard part, pull your arms behind your back while staying in your current position.

For some men, this proves more difficult and this poor guy’s head goes flying straight into the ground.

The video states: “Apparently men have a different center of gravity that prevents them from being able to do this”.

@mgfletchI’m certain he has a concussion 🤣 ##fyp ##challenges_tiktok ##tiktokchallenge ##viral ##coupleschallenge ##comedy

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The video received thousands of comments with some users agreeing with the theory. One said: “Bro. I literally just tried this with my wife. Pretty sure my jaw is broke now.”

Another said: “I made the mistake of showing my husband this video before we did it. He put a pillow down first.

However, others had more success.  One person commented: “My husband did it no problem and then yelled ‘core baby!'”