A Quick Check-In with Each of the Former One Direction Boys

Have you ever just stopped what you were doing randomly in the middle of the day and asked yourself, “What are the guys from One Direction doing right now?”

‘Cause that’s what I just did. So hopefully I’m not alone.

Now, technically, I can’t provide up-to-the-minute information about what Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam are doing. After all, that depends on when you’re reading this!

But what I can do is provide a little update on the latest major trend or story from all the guys. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do! This is what each former 1D singer is up to lately, as of Tuesday afternoon, March 2nd.

Liam Payne: LP2 is coming! The long-haired badboy shared some pics from the studio, and it’s easy to assume that his record label isn’t the only group of people who are dying to hear this new Liam music.

His fans have been busy too, trending his name for literally no reason… and out of excitement for his upcoming tunes!

Niall Horan: The resident Irishman of 1D, now a few albums deep as a solo artist, has been quieter than usual lately. So quiet, as a matter of fact, that his songwriting partners miss him:

After Niall posted a quick selfie video to his Instagram stories, fans went wild because at long last, their main man is back on social media!

Louis Tomlinson: Things have been a little less glamorous for Louis this week – he had oral surgery!

Thankfully, L is taking time to rest, and maybe he’ll come back with a new-music announcement after his mouth is back to normal. That’s what the fans (and rumors) are hoping for, at least!

Harry Styles: Recently, Harry’s been into acting! He’s starring in the upcoming Amazon original movie “My Policeman,” and today, we got more details about what to expect in the film.

’50s Harry and ’90s Harry? Okay! Meanwhile, on a cute note, it appears that he and Niall have matching friendship rings?? We’ll need to get more info on that soon.

Zayn Malik: Finally, last but not least, what’s Zayn been up to? Looks like he’s been catching up on some viewing!

And that’s a wrap on that. The former One Direction boys are all pretty busy, living the dream (except poor Louis this week… ouch) and making great stuff! I can’t wait to watch, listen, and check in on the boys again soon.

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Photo credit: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock.com