Billie Eilish Defends Ex-Boyfriend After Fans ‘Bashed’ Him for Breaking Her Heart

Billie Eilish revealed private moments of her life in her new documentary The World’s A Little Blurry, including her relationship with ex-boyfriend and rapper Brandon Quention Adams, aka Q.

In the documentary, the couple discussed their break-up and Adams now says fans are bashing him on social media because of it.

He wrote, “People fail to realize I’ve been dealing with my brothers death. Especially round that time when it was fresh. Sometime you have to be alone to cope. Sometimes people don’t disagree and don’t want the same things as one another. It’s on you to understand there’s several point of views to a situation. Anyone who knows me knows where my heart is. […] But I refuse to be bashed.”

Eilish shared a message with fans saying, “remember to be nice to people no matter what. i love you guys thank you for protecting me but be nice.”


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